Custom Woodwork

MBC Woodshop designs, builds, and installs custom wooden furniture from a number of species of wood.  We strive to meet the needs of our customers down to the smallest details.  We finish and paint to colors specified by the customer.  Below is a list of some of the things we build and produce.


  • Custom Bar's
  • Kitchen's
  • Library's
  • Desk's
  • Benches
  • Blanket Chest's
  • Bed Frames
  • Dressers
  • Bookshelves
  • Benches
  • Blanket Chest's
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Cabinet Build-In's
  • Ceiling Beams and Beam Wraps
  • Closet Build-In's
  • Display Cabinet's
  • File Cabinet's
  • Custom Doors (Interior and Exterior)
  • Custom Wooden Windows.
  • Gun Cabinets
  • Custom Garage Doors
  • Custom Lathe Turnings/Reproductions
  • Custom Mantels
  • Porch Railings
  • Mirror and Picture Frames
  • Custom Staircases
  • Custom Tables
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Bathroom Vanity's
  • Wine Racks and Wine Rooms
  • Custom Buffet Cabinets
  • Custom Chairs
  • Flooring and Tounge and Groove Wall Coverings
  • Cutting Boards



Furnature Repairs

Mbc Woodshop is morgantown's local furniture repair store. The craftsmen at the shop can repair, restore, and refinish most wooden furniture, new or antique. Contact us today for any repair work you need.



Custom Trim Work

MBC Woodshop has a wide selection of profiles available to be made with a number of species of wood.  We also have the ability to make custom knives to match the profile of one that a customer is wanting.  We make Crown, Baseboard, Casing, Chair Rail, Window Stools, Nosing, Tounge and Groove, Siding, Rosettes, Bar Rail, and More.  We have the ability to paint, stain, and finish all trim work.  We also install trim if needed.



Live Edge Slabs and Mantels

MBC Woodshop has a selection of Live Edge Slabs and Mantels that have been sawed here at our shop.  We can saw custom orders to meet the needs of our customers.  The Slabs and Mantels can either be surfaced and finished in our shop or can be sold in the rough.




MBC has in stock a wide variety of lumber for your use. For fine furniture we have the best grades (FAS- firsts and seconds) of kiln dried lumber available. For flooring, paneling, and other uses kiln dried #1 common and #2 common lumber is available.

Kiln dried hardwoods available include: American Black Walnut, Oak (white or red), Ash, Hickory, Ipe, Jotoba Chestnut (wormy and non-wormy), Poplar, Sassafras, Black Cherry, Hard Maple.

Imports in stock: Honduras Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Teak wood.

Woods available:  Basswood, Beech, Elm, Soft Maple, Willow, Butternut, Cypress, and Hemlock.

Wood for order: 100 Board Foot Minimum.

Many of these woods are available in various thicknesses: 1"- 8" for mantels and other needs.

We also have: Weathered Lumber, Barn siding, Hand hewn beams.

Contact us for all your hardwood lumber needs.